Our Commitment:

Ready To Focus Mission Statement:

Provide excellent neurofeedback services using
researched protocols, achieving superior results
and highest client satisfaction.

Our core values and tactics to achieve our mission:
1.  Our neurofeedback assessment and training models are entirely based on scientifically researched models.  While predicting the outcome of any intervention program is not possible, we strive for the highest and longest lasting success rates
2.  In addition to following scientifically researched models, we purposely limit the number of participants in our program at any given time in order to ensure we provide the attention to detail required to improve success rates and ensure customer satisfaction with each participant. 
3.  We measure our participant’s satisfaction with our program on an ongoing, consistent, and objective basis.  Since 2009 we have completed over 2000 surveys and are proud to have a 97% satisfaction/approval rate with our services.
4.  We are committed to providing at least 10% of our services at reduced or no cost to those unable to afford them.
5.  We only partner with counseling agencies that share our commitment to excellence, commitment to providing services at reduced costs, commitment to quality over quantity of services, and who share our values
6.  Our assessment services are always provided by a licensed professional with specific training in biofeedback/neurofeedback, and our training participants meet with a licensed professional or other professionals supervised by a licensed professional on a regular basis to review his or her progress.  This is to maximize the possibility of a positive result to training, minimize the chances of a poor result, and to monitor for any adverse reactions to the training.
7.  Our staff is committed to ongoing education and professional development to sharpen our skills as new protocols and researched based studies point the field to higher success rates.

For further information use our contact form (on top of this page) or email program coordinator Kristi@readytofocus.com.

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