Ready To Focus Clinical Director and Locations

Ready To Focus Mission Statement:

Provide excellent neurofeedback services using researched protocols, achieving superior results and highest client satisfaction.

Clinical Director - Dr. Bradley J. Oostindie, Psy.D.


Dr. Bradley J, Oostindie bio click to read

Philosophy of Practice:  No two neurofeedback centers or providers are exactly alike.  Each provider utilizes different methods in understanding the brain’s impact on mood, focus, and behavior and various training methods to try to correct the dysregulations.  Ready To Focus specializes in utilizing individualized assessment data to understand current difficulties from a clinical and brain perspective and providing an individualized treatment plan to achieve goals. 

For further information email program coordinator or call 1-800-850-0535

Office Locations

393 Garden Avenue Suite 6
Holland, MI 49424
Offices of Into the Woods Retreat
By appointment only

6107 Alongside Lane
Richland MI 49083
By appointment only

Mailing Address
Ready To Focus
PO Box 1
Spring Lake MI 49456

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