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Recruiting for New Research Study

Posted on October 8 2014

Ready To Focus is recruiting research participants for a new study on the effects of neurofeedback on ACT and SAT college entrance exam scores.  Small scale studies and individual case reports have suggested that 12-16 sessions of Neurofeedback prior to ACT/SAT re-examination has resulted in significant score increases.  Other research unrelated to ACT and SAT scores has shown significant IQ score testing improvement (10-12 points in some studies), suggesting Neurofeedback may provide increase in overall cognitive functioning and/or test taking ability.  Follow this link to a blog entry about previous studies on this topic (second entry down page).  Contact Moni Kannenwischer at for further information.  Participants are eligible for significantly reduced fees for Neurofeedback sessions. 

Research study shows the positive effects of Neurofeedback training for ADHD are long lasting

Posted on June 3 2014

A new study published in “Pediatrics:  The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics” shows that the positive effects of neurofeedback training on children with ADHD are long lasting.  This controlled study of 104 children was conducted with 40 neurofeedback sessions and a 6 month follow up window.  Here is a link to the abstract. 

Ready To Focus also provides neurofeedback services for other conditions such as anxiety, depression, headaches, learning style issues, and peak performance training. 

Ready To Focus provides Neurofeedback Training in Bosnia

Posted on October 31 2013

In October 2013, Ready To Focus founder and clinical director Brad Oostindie traveled to Livno, Bosnia to train 3 education professionals to be neurofeedback providers.  The 3 professionals work at the Educational Resource Center in Livno, an organization supported by World Hope International.  Ready To Focus will continue to provide ongoing training and consultation to the clinic for the next 6 months, with the eventual goal that the clinic is self-supporting in all respects.  With limited resources in the area, this service will provide hope and assistance to the residents of Livno and surrounding villages.  A specific focus will be to provide this service to area children who are struggling with learning style issues, focus and attention span difficulties, and other developmental issues. Ready To Focus has a commitment to providing neurofeedback services and training around the world in addition to office and home based services in the U.S.A.  In the near future, Ready To Focus will partner with Share Education in February 2014 providing a workshop, assessments, and home based training to expat home school parents and their children attending the annual conference near Budapest, Hungary. 

Pictured below are two of the trainees in Bosnia practicing connecting the neurofeedback equipment to each other. 


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