Ready To Focus Homeschool Program

Posted on June 16 2011

Are you a parent of a homeschooled child looking for a non-medication approach to your child’s focus and distraction issues?  This program is specifically designed to provide help for the homeschooled student who is struggling with focus, distraction, learning issues, or test-taking anxiety.  Ready To Focus will set up a neurofeedback program in your home and a psychologist will help you integrate it into your homeschooling activities to provide the help you are looking for.  Most home-based participants in the Ready To Focus program run neurofeedback training sessions every day, which allows for clinical results to occur more quickly.  We have been providing home-based neurofeedback services for years and know how to provide this type of service with quality, affordability, and with great results.  Check out the research section of our website to learn about how neurofeedback can effective treat issues related to learning disorders, ADHD, among others.  If your child is homeschooled and challenged by any of the areas listed above, the Ready To Focus homeschool program is designed to help you!  Email us at or call 1-800-850-0535 for a free consultation with a psychologist to discuss your particular situation.