Winning At Home & Ready To Focus now a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider for Neurofeedback

Posted on April 1 2015

BCBS in Michigan will cover up to 40 sessions of neurofeedback from children under the age of 18 who have a known history of ADHD.  Check your plan for details on co-insurance, copay, and deductible amounts.  This is available at the Winning At Home office in Holland/Zeeland MI. 

Neurofeedback for Anxiety and Depression

Posted on November 17 2015

Neurofeedback has been shown to effectively treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, and medical problems associated.  Ready To Focus utilizes the protocols used in these studies to obtain similar results.  Below are links to key articles describing the process and results:

Comprehensive review of using neurofeedback for anxiety

Summary: A review of neurofeedback studies related to treating anxiety that demonstrate it meets the evidenced-based designation as efficacious and effective treatment.  The article provides an overview of how neurofeedback works, and reviews multiple studies related to the use of neurofeedback with mood disorders.

Neurofeedback for depression

Summary:  A new protocol to address depression through neurofeedback utilizing techniques to correct alpha asymmetry in the left hemisphere.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Neurofeedback for migraines
Summary: This study demonstrates the effectiveness of using neurofeedback to treat headaches in migraines.  In this experimental design study over half of participants had complete remission of migraines and another forty percent had partial remission.



Recruiting for New Research Study

Posted on October 8 2014

Ready To Focus is recruiting research participants for a new study on the effects of neurofeedback on ACT and SAT college entrance exam scores.  Small scale studies and individual case reports have suggested that 12-16 sessions of Neurofeedback prior to ACT/SAT re-examination has resulted in significant score increases.  Other research unrelated to ACT and SAT scores has shown significant IQ score testing improvement (10-12 points in some studies), suggesting Neurofeedback may provide increase in overall cognitive functioning and/or test taking ability.  Follow this link to a blog entry about previous studies on this topic (second entry down page).  Contact Moni Kannenwischer at for further information.  Participants are eligible for significantly reduced fees for Neurofeedback sessions. 

Ready To Focus provides Neurofeedback Training in Bosnia

Posted on October 31 2013

In October 2013, Ready To Focus founder and clinical director Brad Oostindie traveled to Livno, Bosnia to train 3 education professionals to be neurofeedback providers.  The 3 professionals work at the Educational Resource Center in Livno, an organization supported by World Hope International.  Ready To Focus will continue to provide ongoing training and consultation to the clinic for the next 6 months, with the eventual goal that the clinic is self-supporting in all respects.  With limited resources in the area, this service will provide hope and assistance to the residents of Livno and surrounding villages.  A specific focus will be to provide this service to area children who are struggling with learning style issues, focus and attention span difficulties, and other developmental issues. Ready To Focus has a commitment to providing neurofeedback services and training around the world in addition to office and home based services in the U.S.A.  In the near future, Ready To Focus will partner with Share Education in February 2014 providing a workshop, assessments, and home based training to expat home school parents and their children attending the annual conference near Budapest, Hungary. 

Pictured below are two of the trainees in Bosnia practicing connecting the neurofeedback equipment to each other. 


Ready To Focus partners with Zukor Interactive for Next Generation Neurofeedback Games

Posted on July 11 2013

Zukor’s Grind is a next-generation feedback game for use in neurofeedback and biofeedback designed by professional game developers under the guidance of clinical practitioners.  Ready To Focus will be offering this neurofeedback program at the Holland MI, Plainfield IL, and Naperville IL offices beginning in July 2013.  Researchers consider this neurofeedback program an advancement in the field and it has been clinically tested to show its effectiveness.  Here is a link to a promotional video for the program:


Contact our office at 1-800-850-0535 to schedule an intake assessment and to see how this program can help you or your child achieve their goals!

Ready To Focus founder Brad Oostindie on The “Tech-ology” Show

Posted on February 19 2013

On February 19 Ready To Focus founder Brad Oostindie had the chance to join Heath Mulliken and Anthony Casey on the The “Tech-ology” Show - an online show featuring technology, theology, and “everything in between.”  They completed a quick overview of neurofeedback and then discussed how Ready To Focus has been providing neurofeedback services to Global Partner’s missionaries and aid workers around the world.  They also discussed integration of behavioral healthcare services in the Christian arena and the mission/values of Ready To Focus.  Here is a link to the show in case you missed it. 

Professional Golfer Gives Testimony of How Ready To Focus Has Helped His Game.

Posted on November 26 2012

Professional Golfer Russell Surber becomes the second professional golfer to utilize the services of Ready To Focus.  The positive results he experienced happened immediately upon beginning the program.  Beginning his season in 2012 Russell scored some of his best and consistent scores in tournaments in Arizona and Hawaii.  He then went on to place 15th at the ATB Financial Classic on the Canadian Golf Tour.  His training program consisted of a combination of neurofeedback and biofeedback to help produce a calm, focused, and un-distracted mental state for both his brain and central nervous system.  Russel states, “since I have begun training with Ready to Focus I have experienced dramatic changes in my ability to relax and focus more deeply under pressure. I was skeptical in the beginning but I was amazed at the results. I feel more focused and free on the golf course thanks to Brad Oostindie and his team at Ready to Focus. I highly recommend this program!!!”  We look forward to seeing Russell back on the Canadian Tour this year as well as at and PGA tour events.  Russell will be wearing the new Ready To Focus logo on tour this year.  If you are interested in our specialized assessment services for prep, college, and professional athletes check out our brochure on the Ready To Focus program page

Russell Surber (courtesy of

Ready To Focus presents in Istanbul, Turkey

Posted on August 23 2012

By Brad Oostindie

This August I had the unique experience of traveling to Istanbul, Turkey to present our neurofeedback program to missionary and aid workers in the European and Turkic-Arabic regions.  Our connection to this group is via Global Partners, the outreach and mission agency of the Wesleyan Church.  The workers in this region are involved in a number of different projects including partnerships with relief and humanitarian agencies, outreach activities, community building, and mentoring.  All of the individuals and families in this program have raised support from family and friends back home to be on the field and have committed to a long-term stay in the area in which they serve.

The Ready To Focus program and in particular our home based neurofeedback program has been able to provide substantial help to many of these individuals and families.  For both the adults and their children on the field we are able to provide help in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, focus/concentration issues, learning issues, and issues related to chronic pain/migraines.  Since our home based program allows for remote use of the equipment no matter where a person or family is located, the use of the program overseas has not proved to be overly problematic in terms of logistical issues. 

Ready To Focus has committed to a another year of providing services to this area via two home based units.  This is a very good resource to the individuals and families, who otherwise would either not have access to it or would not be able to place the costs for it within their budgets.  This is our second year of participating with Global Partners, and we look forward to developing a strategy with them to provide even more services as we move forward.  Both this year and last year we provided over 50 assessments and will provide home based neurofeedback to nearly 16 families.  We also provided 3 presentations on how neurofeedback works and how it can benefit the participant.  All of these services were provided at no cost to the participants.

For all of you who have participated in the Ready To Focus program we thank you for your involvement as all of our activities in the U.S.A. help fund this type of outreach and service.  In a way you get to be part of helping out for the greater good as well! 

New West Michigan Ready To Focus Location!

Posted on January 17 2012

Ready To Focus is pleased to announce a new office location in the Holland MI area.  In conjunction with Winning At Home, a Christian counseling organization, Ready To Focus will be providing neurofeedback assessment and treatment services at the Winning At Home counseling offices.  Services will begin in mid February 2012.  Winning At Home is located at 300 S State Street, Zeeland MI. This office will join our other locations in Norton Shores MI, Plainfield IL, Lisle IL, and Geneva IL (at our Legacy Clinical Consultant partnership offices).  To schedule an appointment at any location call our main phone number at 1-800-850-0535. 

Ready To Focus founder Brad Oostindie and Winning At Home clinical director Peter Newhouse are both excited for this new service at the Winning At Home offices!  Both Newhouse and Oostindie share similar interests in providing high quality behavioral healthcare services with a mission mindset.  Both frequently travel internationally to provide workshops, training, and services abroad to missionary and international aid workers and look forward to continuing that work together in 2012, along with the new partnership at the Winning At Home offices.  For further information about Winning At Home visit their website at 

Ready To Focus Homeschool Program

Posted on June 16 2011

Are you a parent of a homeschooled child looking for a non-medication approach to your child’s focus and distraction issues?  This program is specifically designed to provide help for the homeschooled student who is struggling with focus, distraction, learning issues, or test-taking anxiety.  Ready To Focus will set up a neurofeedback program in your home and a psychologist will help you integrate it into your homeschooling activities to provide the help you are looking for.  Most home-based participants in the Ready To Focus program run neurofeedback training sessions every day, which allows for clinical results to occur more quickly.  We have been providing home-based neurofeedback services for years and know how to provide this type of service with quality, affordability, and with great results.  Check out the research section of our website to learn about how neurofeedback can effective treat issues related to learning disorders, ADHD, among others.  If your child is homeschooled and challenged by any of the areas listed above, the Ready To Focus homeschool program is designed to help you!  Email us at or call 1-800-850-0535 for a free consultation with a psychologist to discuss your particular situation. 

Ready To Focus Visits Japanese School

Posted on February 8 2010

By Brad Oostindie, MA, LLP - Clinical Director

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting the Meysen Academy in Sendai, Japan.  This is the third international school I have visited (India - 2003 and Dominican Republic 2007) and I found the experience to be very informative.  The Meysen Academy is known for its interactive learning style, teaching English as a second language, and is a community leader in the area.  There are two Meysen campuses in Sendai and about 4000 students attend classes at the school everyday. 

Prior to going to Japan I spent sometime researching topics related to the Ready To Focus program as it related to this trip.  A recent UNICEF study placed Japan in the top 5 of countries for scores in math and science.  Only 2.2% of the high school age students in Japan fell below international benchmarks of achievement.  This is compared to 16.2% of students in the United States falling below benchmarks during the same time period. Also, you may not be aware of this but according to the National Institute of Health the United States uses approximately 85% of all the stimulant medication produced in the world.  Although ADHD is recognized in Japan and different types of psychostimulant medication are used for treatment, the treatment model follows a paradigm of using medication as a last resort as opposed to a first line of intervention in all but the most serious cases. 

In Japan the model of ADHD intervention is as follows:
1. Environmental coordination and psychoeducation. 
2. Behavioral Therapy. 
3.  Review of these interventions. 
4.  Specialists (for drugs or other therapies). 
A link to this research article is provided below. 

There is so much more I could report regarding my visit to the Meysen Academy!  I hope you find this information helpful as you consider your own child’s academic, behavior, and other needs and as you make decisions on how to best intervene for your child in these areas.  Please feel free to email me at for more information.

Link to research article
Pictures of visit