Health Insurance & Program Fees

Posted on April 10 2009

Initial Consultations
Cost for 90 minute consultation utilizing diagnostic interview, comprehensive history review, conditions for successful neurofeedback, and one channel EEG is $195.  Initial consultation provided by a Fully or Master’s Level Clinical Psychologist.  Payment due at time of service. Courtesy bill is provided utilizing a 90791 diagnostic code that you can submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement.  Flex plans and health savings accounts accepted.  Mastercard, Visa, and American Express accepted.  Ready To Focus is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider (billed via our partner at Legacy Clinical Consultants) and can bill BCBS directly for the service at this location.


Office Based Neurofeedback Training
Office sessions are 35-45 minutes.  Training is conducted by either our Master’s level psychologist or trained technician.  Training includes a no-charge reassessment every 15-20 sessions as part of the program, as well as a weekly self-assessment to monitor progress.  Sessions are charged $38 per session (discounted cash-pay rate).  A courtesy bill is provided with applicable CPT code.  Typical CPT codes for office based neurofeedback include 90901 or 90876 and can be provided on the courtesy bill form for you to submit to insurance (to apply to deductibles, receive reimbursement, etc…).  Flex plans and HSA plans accepted.  Mastercard, Visa, and American Express accepted. Ready To Focus is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider at this location and can bill BCBS directly for services. BCBS does cover neurofeedback with children under the age of 18, who have a known diagnosis of ADHD, up to 40 sessions.

Home Based Neurofeedback Training
Our home based neurofeedback program is typically not covered by insurance plans.  We will however provide you a courtesy bill with charges outlined in case you want to submit it for application to your deductible or for reimbursement. We do not provide direct billing of any insurance plan for our home based program.  Flex Plans and HSA plans have been widely used to pay for the program fees.  In our home based program, anyone in the home who has been assessed and who has had a training plan developed can run unlimited amount of sessions on the equipment for the same monthly fee during the 3 month training period, making this option the most cost effective for families considering neurofeedback for multiple members. Most of our home based participants run 40-60 sessions over the course of 3 months per family member.  Training fees include use of all equipment, weekly contacts with clinical psychologist to review training and to make adjustments for all participants, reassessments every 20 sessions at no additional cost, and weekly self-report inventory.  Please contact our office for pricing information. We also have an equipment purchase program for long term use.

Insurance plan policies regarding Neurofeedback

We periodically review area health insurance plans to keep up to date on policies regarding neurofeedback coverage.

Priority Health - According to Medical Policy N91002-R7 neurofeedback not a covered benefit for ADHD or mental health diagnosis.  Limited medical conditions covered (such as migraines or incontinence). Ready To Focus does not participate.

Blue Care Network - Per the BCN website use of neurofeedback for ADHD possible in limited amounts provided strict criteria is met.  Ready To Focus does not participate.

Aetna - Per the Aetna website neurofeedback is not a covered benefit for ADHD or mental health conditions.  Limited medical conditions covered. Ready To Focus does not participate..

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Per the BCBS website Neurofeedback may be covered with children under age 18 with a known ADHD diagnosis.  Ready To Focus does participate.

Updated May, 2018
A free phone consultation is available prior to scheduling an initial consultation.
Discounts available for for certain non-profit, clergy, missionary, and aid workers.