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How to get started:  INITIAL CONSULTATION
Ready To Focus participants start by scheduling a one-time initial consultation appointment.  This initial consultation will help the participant understand how brain wave dysregulation can be contributing to his or her current difficulties, and to see first hand how neurofeedback can provide a solution to those difficulties.  Ready To Focus offers a standard comprehensive neurofeedback assessment (one channel EEG), or a state of the art 3D Brain Mapping assessment with low resolution brain tomography for more advanced consultation.  For more information click the links below: 

Comprehensive Assessment

After your initial consultation, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not biofeedback/neurofeedback will help you or your child, as well as the gains that might be expected in completing the program.  We have an option for office-based treatment or home-based treatment.  Below are links regarding each program:

Office Based Program

.Home Based Program

Ready To Focus is able to provide an extensive assessment for several specialty areas.  These specialized assessments go to the deepest level to understand the brain and utilize both neurofeedback/EEG and neuropsychological assessment.  Below are links regarding the specialty assessments offered at Ready To Focus:

Specialized Assessment:  Academic Difficulties

Specialized Assessment:  Athletes

How effective is neurofeedback with different issues?  Below is a link to our research page that lists the leading clinical research trials and results using neurofeedback.  The results are impressive! 


Success Stories




Neurofeedback for Anxiety and Depression

Neurofeedback has been shown to effectively treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, and medical problems associated.  Ready To Focus utilizes the protocols used in these...

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New study shows the positive effects of Neurofeedback training for ADHD are long lasting

A new study published in “Pediatrics:  The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics” shows that the positive effects of neurofeedback training on children...

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