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Migrane headaches

Posted on August 21 2009

I had terrible headaches just about every day for the better part of a decade. I tried doctors, chiropractors, and several other things and nothing seemed to help. It was getting a bit frustrating. After my first neurofeedback session my headaches were gone! I literally felt certain muscles in my head relaxing during the session and when I got done I knew that I had found the key to fixing my headaches. I was able to discontinue the use of the beta-blocking medication that would occasionally give me some relief, because I just didn’t need it anymore!

Aside from helping my headaches neurofeedback has been an incredible way to learn how to focus, breath, and be in a much better mental zone than I’ve ever been in. I’ve been amazed at how much more effective I am at work and in every other way when my brain is properly focusing.

I’m usually a skeptic about these types of things and if I had not experienced it for myself I’m not sure I would have believed it could be so beneficial. I can’t say enough about neurofeedback. I wish everyone could do the training!

CAUTION - Entering the Science and Research Zone!!

Posted on July 7 2009

Since Neurofeedback and QEEG diagnostic evaluation maybe new to you, attached is a document listing research results (1970 to present) supporting both of these as scientifically valid interventions.  These research results include controlled studies, peer reviewed published studies, and general references. 

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